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Partner (facilities management)


In the operation of Willemsen buildings, relationships with our clients are defined by providing workplaces and not leases. We view each workplace as a partnership which has the potential to bring with it the shared success of our clients and our investment.

Willemsen is a long-term owner and operator of the commercial buildings that it creates. This is an investment philosophy that has been built over four decades. We have an unparalleled commitment to each building’s performance and upkeep, appreciating that these factors will determine our clients’ enjoyment of them.


Service excellence

With our dedicated team of property managers, facilities staff and contractors, we have a deep technical understanding of our buildings, with the ability to address any issue as it arises.

Timely and efficient communication is the backbone of our facilities management systems. While our support is provided by real, contactable people on the ground, we operate a sophisticated online maintenance reporting and tracking system to provide our clients with convenient reporting and real-time updates on repairs.