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At the heart of Willemsen’s methodology is design-led functionality. We believe that design should not be an effort to cloak the natural characteristics of materials and structural engineering, instead there must be a fundamental honesty, where natural aesthetic, quality and structural efficacy become a focus and point of value.


“While its attainment is inherently complex, simplicity of form and function is the essence of good design.”


Foremost in design, we seek to understand the purpose of the project, with consideration for its objective functional use. We develop a clear understanding of who the end users will be and what they require from the built form and functional services – setting the project up for positive impact and enduring value.

With this clarity of purpose, we develop a preliminary project budget and written architectural project brief to clearly outline the functional, aesthetic, social and environmental objectives for the project — to inform the design process. The project design brief is a living document, continually refined throughout the design process.