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Designing a workplace for your unique requirements


The functional value that buildings can provide to people and organisations is rapidly evolving with the progression of technologies, environmental standards and ways of work. We believe that a building can only be a worthwhile investment if its design, construction and operation facilitate and support our clients in achieving their business goals and objectives.

At the heart of every Willemsen building design is environmental sustainability and a desire to foster community life, creating positive social interactions to support inclusion and collaborative engagement.



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A function-driven work environment

The delivery of a workplace involves several steps. By understanding a client’s overarching workplace objectives, we can define the desired user experience. We work with each unique client to create a functional forward-looking vision for their work environment, with structure of the work environment accounting for the diverse types of working environment from open plan, office, flexible working and collaborative spaces. The concept of third places and environmental sustainability is woven into this vision.

Willemsen’s in-house design and consultant team collaborates with our in-house build team to deliver the workplace within the time and cost parameters of our client.