Willemsen is a vertically integrated property company driven by a desire to design, construct and operate innovative and architecturally striking buildings. Each new project is conceived in our own design practice with an appreciation that will be a clear reflection of our capabilities and ideals. Our projects carry our name and build on our reputation for delivery of quality.

Our Process


Willemsen was founded by Gary Willemsen over 4 decades ago out of a desire to design modern innovative buildings. That same desire drives our organisation today and is embodied in every new project. Our design practice is flexible and versatile with an impressive body of work ranging from residential houses, to high rise residential and from office fitouts to major new office buildings. The opportunity to innovate and evolve design and practice drives us in each new project.


To realise an outstanding building takes more than just design, it requires an intimate understanding of what it takes to build. We are a licenced A grade builder who has constructed a wide breath of work from single residential houses to multi storey office buildings and fitouts. Our designs are deliverable and enduring because we understand the realities of materials and construction process. The experience we have gained from ongoing property management has provided us an in depth knowledge of operational performance, durability and a commitment to quality.


We stands behind what we create. Our efforts in design and construction process are focused on delivering buildings which we can operate successfully, not just today, but into the decades to come. It is our belief that a decision to relocate is a statement of confidence in a building and its management. We value this confidence. Our buildings are designed, built and maintained knowing they are a long term asset of our organisation and their performance is our responsibility.

Property Management

Our internal facilities management division is responsible for the maintenance of owned and operated Willemsen properties. Based in Canberra this division comprises a team of experienced and responsive hands on maintenance employees who are coordinated by the Property Operations Manager. Comprehensively skilled the facilities management team is only responsible for the maintenance of properties designed, built and operated by Willemsen. This specialisation affords them an exceptional in-depth understanding of each property and ensures an efficient response to maintenance issues. The facilities management team also offers a comprehensive and cost competitive fitout construction and maintenance service for building occupants, avoiding the need to engage third party contractors. Risks to building performance associated with using outside contractors are avoided, with work done efficiently at a competitive cost. We employ an advanced online web-based fault reporting system which streamlines fault reporting and minimises response times. Jobs logged on the system are monitored continuously during normal business hours. At each stage when the status of a job changes, the client is kept informed in real-time by way of email or SMS. Monitored locally this system offers the highest level of accountability and fault tracking and works hand in hand with our experience maintenance team.


Sustainability and energy efficiency has been a long term passion and design objective. 30 years ago in our residential projects we pioneered innovations such as solar passive design, solar hot water heating, glass fibre insulation, thermal mass storage heating and open plan living. Likewise in our commercial office projects we have been using high efficiency double glazed IGU’s and sensor activated lighting for over 25 years. It is only in recent years that many of these concepts have become common place. Today our new buildings are at the forefront of energy efficiency utilising the latest proven technologies such as triple silver coated glass, photovoltaic base load energy generation, water harvesting and regenerative drives. We have a continuous program of upgrade and improvement for established properties which involves achieving goals for operational and energy efficiency to ensure no property is left behind.